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    Manawatu Boars v Cape Town Blitz (Round 3)

    The Blitz surged straight onto the attack, and after repeatedly hammering away at the Boars defensive line, earned a penalty in the 5th minute.
    Flyhalf, Kade Wade, lined up an easy kick from 18 metres out in front, but he somehow put it wide!

    Both sides spent time on attack, but it was the Blitz that was dominating, with inside centre, Corbett Caumartin, proving to be particularly dangerous.
    The Boars defence finally cracked following a swift counterattack after they had a 22 dropout.
    Substitute left winger, A van der Walt, was put through a big hole, and ran to 27 metres out from the tryline, before drawing in the last defender and slipping an inside pass to outside centre, Nicholas Grigorev, who finished off with the try.
    Wade didn't miss this time, and added the conversion.
    7-0 to Cape Town after 16 minutes.

    Back came the Boars though.
    From a lineout on the Cape Town 10 metre mark, a sweeping backline move took the ball to the 22.
    Then following the ruck that formed, number 8, Klippies van Dam, smashed through van der Walt, before giving a pass to lock, Fudge van der Merwe, who quickly gave the ball to scrumhalf, Bob Todd, who sprinted the last 18 metres to score.
    Flyhalf, Pericles Vougdis, converted from a handy angle.
    7-7 after 20 minutes.

    A ruck infringement in the 25th minute cost the Boars three points, as Wade landed the penalty goal from 27 metres out and midway between the posts and sideline.
    10-7 to Cape Town.

    In the 32nd minute, a Boars scrum on halfway popped up the Blitz front row.
    Vougdis showed his value with a 52 metre penalty goal from pretty much in front.

    And then the home crowd were on their feet, as the Boars took the lead for the first time with a nice try finished off by flanker, Dawie Chadwick.
    After turning over possession on the Blitz 10 metre line, play reached the 22 after five phases.
    Then a lovely backline move took the ball to within metres of the tryline, before Chadwick crashed over following a further ruck.
    Vougdis had an easy conversion.
    17-10 to Manawatu after 37 minutes.

    However, some intense attacking play from the visitors saw them cap off the first half with a wonderful try.
    Following a lineout 30 metres from the Manawatu tryline, play went through three further phases, before Caumartn put Wade through a gap.
    The flyhalf ran diagonally towards the posts and gave a late pass to flanker, Bobby McDonald, who went over from a metre out.
    Wade converted from in front and the scores were level going into the break.

    Halftime Score: Manawatu Boars - 17, Cape Town Blitz - 17

    The Boars regained the lead in the 46th minute, with another great try, this time scored by hooker, Laurent Gaston, who charged over with assistance following an impressive build-up with eleven phases.
    Vougdis converted.
    24-17 to Manawatu.

    Vougdis received the ball from the resulting kickoff, but was wrapped up inside his own 22, and the ball was turned over.
    After one further hit-up, the ball was moved to van der Walt on the short wing, and he .danced around Boars lock/captain, Tony O'Brien, to have a clear run in to score.
    Wade pushed the sideline conversion across the face of the posts.
    24-22 to Manawatu after 48 minutes.

    The Boars went onto the attack, and after some excellent build-up play, outside centre, Jesse Serfontein, went in under the posts, as he was being group tackled.
    Vougdis had no problems converting.
    31-22 to Manawatu after 51 minutes.

    This was turning out to be a great game, and the Blitz closed the deficit again just minutes later.
    After claiming the ball from the kickoff, there were six phases of play before the ball was spread wide, and Brian Griffin went over in the corner.
    Wade was successful with the difficult conversion.
    31-29 to Manawatu after 54 minutes.

    The action continued, as the Blitz turned over possession 32 metres out from the Boars tryline.
    A slick backline move saw Grigorev put through a gap and steaming ahead before releasing the ball to Caumartin, who sped 22 metres to score beside the posts.
    Wade converted.
    36-31 to Cape Town after 58 minutes.

    The Boars went onto a sustained attack during the next 5 minutes, but the Blitz defence held firm.
    However, in the 69th minute, the visitors conceded a ruck penalty, and this gave Vougdis a penalty goal attempt from 42 metres out and pretty much in front.
    His booming kick went sailing between the posts.
    36-34 to Cape Town after 68 minutes.

    When Caumartin went over for his second try in the 75th minute, following a build-up that included some incisive running play, it looked like it was going to be Cape Town's day.
    Wade converted from a handy angle.
    43-34 to Cape Town.

    A Grigorev drop goal from 39 metres out and in front put the icing on the cake for the Blitz.
    46-34 to Cape Town after 79 minutes.

    The Boars could still have secured a second bonus point with a late try, but it wasn;t to be.

    Final Score: Manawatu Boars - 34, Cape Town Blitz - 46


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      Manawatu Boars News and Team Selection (Round 4)

      No players leaving this week, but we signed a free agent, Marika Naivalu (28 year old flanker with OVR 80), to see whether he might be a late developer.

      Having lost our three opening matches of the season, a lot of detailed player and tactical analysis occurred behind closed doors.

      Looking to change our fortunes, the selectors wielded the axe, with four changes to the playing fifteen.

      In the forward pack, Apollo Williams has replaced Laurent Gaston at hooker, while Jamie Martin replaces Pumlani Francis in the loose forward trio.
      Williams is more dynamic and a little more accurate at lineouts, whereas Gaston is more of a solid brute.
      Martin is similarly more dynamic than having the all-round solidity of Francis.

      In the backline, scrumhalf, Bob Todd, has been replaced by Ace Reynolds (preferred position flyhalf), while young George Viljoen makes his debut on the right wing ahead of Jon Hernandez (Pedro Manchest has been switched to the left wing).
      Todd has not been in his usual form this season, and Reynolds is currently seen as the only viable alternative.
      Viljoen has been making rapid progress as a player and deserves his chance on the big stage.

      This weekend, we're off to visit fellow strugglers, the Durban Sharks, who will be as equally determined as we are to get their season back on track.
      It promises to be a torrid contest!

      Durban Sharks v Manawatu Boars
      1 Kadoefie Ooshuizen
      2 Apollo Williams
      3 Jordan Cesnauskis
      4 Fudge van der Merwe
      5 Jason O'Brien (captain)
      6 Jamie Martin
      7 Dawie Chadwick
      8 Klippies van Dam
      9 Ace Reynolds
      10 Pericles Vougdis
      11 Pedro Manchest
      12 Gavyn Lousi
      13 Jesse Serfontein
      14 George Viljoen
      15 Josh Mullaney


      • GrahamNZ
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        Good luck, Sharkie.
        Should be a good match.

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      Games should be available now.


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        Durban Sharks v Manawatu Boars (Round 4)

        Two teams desperate for their first win of the season.
        An interesting side-note would be how debutante Manawatu right winger, George Viljoen, would fare against ex-Manawatu winger, Mozart Stroebel.

        The Boars were dominating early, but when a pass was dropped inside the Durban 22, it was Sharks flanker, J Martin, who claimed possession and took off.
        When he got to the Manawatu 19 metre mark, he passed inside to his scrumhalf, Cameron Wright, who had the speed to go all the way and score the try.
        Flyhalf, Curwen Bosh, converted.
        7-0 to Durban after 10 minutes.

        The Sharks struck again in the 16th minute, to extend their lead.
        From a ruck 35 metres from their own line, the ball moved out along the backline to Stroebel, who received the ball on halfway.
        He stepped around Boars fullback, Josh Mullaney, and completed a 50 metree run to score in Viljoen's tackle.
        Bosh pushed the conversion across the face of the posts.
        12-0 to Durban.

        The Boars got themselves on the board in the 19th minute, with young prop, Jordan Cesnauskis, going over close to the posts following a nice build-up that included both forward charges and back play.
        Scrumhalf, Ace Reynolds had an easy conversion.
        12-7 to Durban.

        The Boars scored again just minutes later, with a wonderful try.
        After turning over possession on halfway, the ball was moved along the backline to outside centre, Jesse Serfontein, who took the ball to within 17 metres of the tryline before being tackled to the ground.
        From the ruck, Reynolds passed to flyhalf, Pericles Vougdis, who cleverly gave the ball to prop, Kadoefie Ooshuizen, who had run around behind him.
        The veteran prop straightened up his bearings before completely fooling the defence with a great step and swerve that took him through a yawning gap. He steamed ahead to score under the posts without a hand being laid upon him.
        Vougdis kicked the conversion.
        14-12 to Manawatu after 23 minutes.

        The Boars continued to apply the pressure, and in the 28th minute, Viljoen crossed in the corner for his first try at this level.
        Vougdis put over a magnificent conversion from just inside the sideline.
        21-12 to Manawatu.

        Ironically, it was a Sharks error that resulted in the Boars scoring their bonus point try.
        From a ruck 8 metres inside their own half, the pass from Wright was fumbled and lost.
        Lock, Fudge van der Merwe, picked up the ball and gave it straight to Viljoen, who clear space ahead of him.
        Viljoen scampered 37 metre to go in under the posts.
        Vougdis added the conversion.
        28-12 to Manawatu after 30 minutes.

        Sparked into life by the setbacks, the Sharks stormed back, with some impressive backline play leading to them scoring their third try, in the 32nd minute, with fullback, Aphelele Fassi, bursting through a gap to score in the corner.
        Bosh matched the effort from Vougdis by converting from out wide.
        28-19 to Manawatu.

        A dropped pass by Manawatu lock/captain, Jason O'Brien, just outside his own 22, led to the passage of play that saw the home side score their bonus point try.
        Four rucks later, the ball was spread wide, and outside centre, Marius Lowe, angled through a gap on a 14 metre run to score.
        Bosh again converted from out wide.
        28-26 to Manawatu after 39 minutes.

        Halftime Score: Durban Sharks - 26, Manawatu Boars - 28

        The Sharks opened the second half scoring with a fabulous try to take back the lead.
        Starting 30 metres out from their own tryline, five further phases of play took them to within 30 metres of the Boars tryline.
        From the fifth ruck, a long pass was flung out to Fassi in midfield, and he put inside centre, A Esterhuizen, through a gap.
        As Esterhuizen was being tackled just outside the 22, he passed inside to Allen, who ran into the 22 before passing back inside to flanker, P Koen.
        A short pass from Koen to Wright, who gave the ball to Fassi, as he was being tackled.
        Fassi ran the last 8 metres to score beside the posts. A tremendous try!
        Bosh added an easy conversion.
        33-28 to Durban after 44 minutes.

        But the kickoff catch was lost by a Sharks player just inside his 22, with Boars flanker, Dawie Chadwick claiming the ball and taking it into a ruck 15 metres from the tryline.
        Play moved through two further phases, before Mullaney was pulled down centimetres short of scoring.
        From the next ruck, Reynolds passed across to hooker, Apollo Williams, who crashed through a tackle to score.
        Vougdis converted from an awkward angle.
        35-33 to Manawatu after 46 minutes.

        Both sides spent prolonged periods on attack without success, but it was the Boars who deservedly went further ahead in the 70th minute, after they'd forced a 5 metre scrum.
        Vougdis put a pop-kick up and over the tryline, and Serfontein was able to wrench the ball from Esterhuizen's grasp in mid-air to fall and ground the ball.
        Vougdis converted.
        42-33 to Manawatu going into the final 8 minutes.

        However, a lot can happen in 8 minutes, and urged on by their fervent supporters, the Sharks scored another beauty.
        From a lineout close to the Manawatu 10 metre line, lock, H Andrew, burst through to take play close to the 22, before a magical flick pass around his back as he was being tackled went outside to Koen.
        Koen ran to within 8 metres of the line before giving a short pass to Stroebel, who scored out wide.
        Bosh put the conversion agonisingly close, but was unsuccessful.
        42-38 to Manawau after 74 minutes and still anybody's game. A real thriller!

        A big hit on the Sharks player taking the kickoff jolted the ball forward and gave possession to the Boars.
        From the resulting scrum, there followed three rucks, as the Sharks defended desperately.
        However, from the final ruck, inside centre, Gavyn Lousi, ran into the 22 and flattened a tackler before releasing a pass to Serfontein, whowent 5 metres to score next to the posts.
        Vougdis had no problems with the conversion.
        49-38 to Manawatu after 79 minutes.

        Much to the delight of the crowd, the Sharks secured a second bonus point with a late try to Fassi, following a nice build-up.
        Bosh converted from a difficult angle and the game was over.

        Final Score: Durban Sharks - 45, Manawatu Boars - 49

        As for the Viljoen v Stroebel head to head, performance scores went 67.5 to 65.8 in Stroebel's favour.


        • GrahamNZ
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          Gee, Sharkey.
          That game had me on the edge of my seat for the whole 80 minutes!