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    Hi Everyone,

    As you know the game can be played for free provided you log in every 2 weeks.

    I have been contacted by a number of free managers who have not logged in for two weeks, asking if I will reinstate their teams.

    To this point I have caved and met all such requests. But I am afraid I have decided to draw the line.

    This was not how the system was intended to work. Having to log in every two weeks is the small price you pay for playing for free. If you cannot do this but wish to keep your team, then you should purchase an extension.

    While we absolutely encourage people to play for free, please do not contact us asking us to manually extend your membership for free. This takes up our time and is an unfair abuse of the system.


    Interestingly, no manager that has purchased any kind of paid membership and who is also managing a free team has contacted us in this way. Only those who have never contributed financially to the game have done this (some who are even managing multiple free teams!).

    I thought this interesting to mention, as it ties into a conversation we were having a few weeks back. When you give people free stuff, they just ask for more. It's unfortunate, but its doesn't seem to apply to everyone, which is promising

    In this regard we are currently working on switching to a donation model. The free to play aspect which requires a login at least every 2 weeks will remain.

    The purchased extensions will go and be replaced by a donation option. Anyone who donates will have their login period extended from 2 to 8 weeks permanently. Even if they donate just $1.

    It is our hope that this model will encourage people to contribute to the game in accordance to what they can afford and how much value they receive from the game. We also hope that even though the login period will be increased permanently after just one donation, that people will still donate on a regular basis if they are still actively playing the game and in doing so contribute to the cost of running it.

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    If free riders are asking for extensions for free teams, tell them to go fly a kite. As far as I'm concerned, logging in once every two weeks is not too much to ask. Especially for free.

    I support the donation proposal. At the end of the day if this game doesn't make money, it won't be improved. It does mean that some have to pay for the game to remain viable. Ideally we should all pay something so that costs are covered and Ceejay and gpred have an incentive to keep the game going.
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    • VanHunks
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      I agree wholeheartedly! The current payment/log-in model doesn't need improvement from a user perspective IMHO. The producers of the game should do what makes the game work for them and make it viable.

    • danielw
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      The developers have my unequivocal support to draw the line if managers do not comply with the conditions of playing the game for free.